The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) has developed the Media Manpower Plan to address the media manpower challenges and develop a future-ready workforce. Endorsed by the Council of Skills, Innovation and Productivity (CSIP) chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, the plan aims to deepen core skills of media professionals, enhance the media industry’s attractiveness, provide better support for media freelancers and partner with key industry players and industry associations. The Media Manpower Plan was developed in consultation with the Media Sectoral Tripartite Council (STC) that comprises of various government agencies and industry members. 

Deepen core skills of media professionals

To enable our media workforce to deepen their core skills, IMDA Talent Assistance (T-Assist) scheme will now focus on intermediate and advanced courses in areas such as storytelling, and new skills such as digital marketing and production of Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) content. 

IMDA recognises that storytelling is a fundamental core skill that forms the basis of quality content. Story Lab is one of the initiatives under the Infocomm Media 2025 plan. Story Lab aims to facilitate the creation of compelling content by nurturing storytelling and IP creation skills across various media platforms, genres and languages. Story Lab includes programmes for media professionals, students and the general public. 

Enhance the media industry’s attractiveness 

IMDA and SkillsFuture Singapore will jointly develop a Skills Framework for Media to provide a common and forward looking reference of skills and competencies for identified media jobs, including a guide on career pathways based on skills mastery and deepening. 

Provide better support for media freelancers 

Like other creative industries, there are many freelancers in the media sector. In line with the Ministry of Manpower’s broader efforts to encourage fair and progressive workplaces, IMDA is rolling out initiatives to provide better support for media freelancers.

The Tripartite Standard on Procurement of Services from Media Freelancers (TS Media Freelancers) sets out industry best practices that promote stronger working relationships between companies and media freelancers, and encourage fair and progressive workplaces.

In partnership with the Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC), IMDA will also provide subsidies to media companies and media freelancers for them to resolve their disputes through mediation at SMC, on issues such as late or non-payment for services rendered.

Media freelancers can continue to tap on the Talent Assistance Scheme to take up courses to deepen their capabilities. 

Partner with key industry players and industry associations

IMDA is working with key industry players like Mediacorp, other large companies and industry associations to develop our media professionals and propagate good practices by promoting industry standards and building professionalism of media manpower.