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Startup SG Equity

This government and private co-investment scheme provides equity investments to tech startups with strong intellectual property and global market potential. SEEDS Capital Pte Ltd (SC) and SGInnovate have been appointed to manage the funds under Startup SG Equity.

For general tech investments:

  • Co-investment ratio of 7:3, up to $250K.
  • Thereafter, ratio of 1:1, up to $2M (only for SC's investments).

For deep tech investments:

  • Co-investment ratio of 7:3, up to $500K.
  • Thereafter, ratio of 1:1, up to $4M (only for SC's investments).

Note: Co-investment ratio refers to "SEEDS Capital: co-investor"


You are:

  • A Singapore-based startup company with core activities carried out here.


You need to:

  • Be incorporated as a Private Limited company for less than five years.
  • Have paid-up capital of at least S$50,000.
  • Be able to prove substantial innovative and intellectual content for your product(s) and/or service(s) and application(s).
  • Have high-growth potential with clear scalability for the international market.
  • Have identified a ready, independent third-party investor(s).
Critical information

Your company must not be:

  • A subsidiary or joint-venture.
  • A business that is involved in the following business activities: gambling; tobacco-related products or any other activities which are in violation of law or against public interest.

The investor(s):

  • Must be able to contribute to the startup’s growth;
  • Should possess the management experience, relevant business contacts and/or necessary technical expertise that can add value to the startup;
  • Should not hold shares in the investee prior to the co-investment (for new investments);
  • Must be prepared to invest at least S$50,000 into each startup.
What to expect when applying
  • A two-page executive summary and supporting documents* of the business must be submitted for a first-level assessment;
  • You may email your documents to SEEDS Capital or SGInnovate.

*Refer to "Documents you will need for your application" for more details.

Documents you'll need for your application
  • Business plan;
  • Financial statements or management accounts;
  • Business ACRA;
  • Background of potential co-investor (if available).
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