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Global Ready Talent Programme (GRT) - Internships

This programme aims to help your companies that are keen to build a talent pipeline to support expansion plans both local and overseas.
  • Support of up to 70% on monthly internship stipend for local, overseas and hybrid1 internships.
  • For Overseas Internships, additional monthly subsistence allowance and lump sum travel allowance will be provided to the students via their IHLs.

1. Hybrid internships provide Singapore enterprises the flexibility in providing internships in Singapore and in their overseas markets for the entire internship duration.


You are:

  • A Singapore enterprise looking to hire interns to support both local and overseas expansion plans.


You need to:

  • Be registered and operating in Singapore;
  • Have a minimum of 30% local shareholding;
  • Be in a financially viable position to start and complete the internship;
  • Possess sound Human Resource processes and be committed towards talent development;
  • (For enterprises offering overseas internships) Have existing overseas operations, positive business outlook and strong growth plans.
  • Fulfil the required commitments* established in this programme.

*Refer to "Critical Information" for more details.

Critical information

Required commitments by enterprises:

  • Be able to offer interns the minimum monthly allowance (before funding) of:
    1. $800 to ITE and Polytechnic students
    2. $1,000 to University students
  • Provide a mentor/supervisor to offer guidance to the student during the course of internship;
  • Provide a structured internship opportunity with clarity in internship job scope; and
  • Overseas internships should allow the intern to gain regional market knowledge

Students Eligibility Criteria:

  • Must be a Singapore Citizen or Singapore PR
  • Must not have an association with the company when undergoing internship that may give rise to conflict of interest.
  • Should not be an immediate family member (i.e. child) of any key shareholder.
  • Must clear the Institution of Higher Learning’s selection process for internships.
  • Must be a full-time student from:
    1. Institute of Technical Education
    2. Nanyang Polytechnic;
    3. Ngee Ann Polytechnic;
    4. Republic Polytechnic;
    5. Singapore Polytechnic;
    6. Temasek Polytechnic;
    7. Nanyang Technological University;
    8. National University of Singapore;
    9. Singapore Institute of Technology;
    10. Singapore Management University;
    11. Singapore University of Social Sciences;
    12. Singapore University of Technology and Design.


  • Enterprise Singapore will partner Trade Associations (TACs) and Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) to facilitate internship placements in Singapore enterprises.
  • The TACs will evaluate and qualify promising Singapore enterprises to come on-board the programme, whilst the IHLs will drive student participation in Singapore enterprises.
What to expect when applying


Application Process:

  • You have to sign-in to GRTNet with your CorpPass1;
  • Ensure that you have authorised the relevant personnel to perform transactions here;
  • Upload the completed GRT company application form and supporting documents*;
  • Select preferred GRT TAC AIP partner of your choice;
  • Successful application2 will receive an email confirmation informing you that your company is now approved under GRT.

Pre-requisite for GRT grant application:

  • Posting of internship position on GRTNet.

Application Approval:

  • Prepare all the necessary supporting documents* to submit at least 7 working days before internship commencement date;
  • Log in to GRTNet using your CorpPass account and submit completed internship grant application and upload supporting documents;

Acceptance of Letter of Offer (LOF)

  • If your internship placement is approved, you will receive a notification email with a Letter of Offer (LOF) attached;
  • Log in to GRTNet and accept the LOF if you are agreeable to the terms and conditions of the internship offer and print the confirmation receipt for your future reference;
  • Please inform your interns in advance that they would need to obtain their SingPass account details to login to the GRT portal to complete an online student feedback and upload the student internship report by the end of the internship3.
  1. No CorpPass Account? Refer to the CorpPass guide for instructions on setting up an account.
  2. Want more information on the application? Refer to the guide here.
  3. You must ensure that each intern completes the online student feedback form by the end of the internship or you will not be able to submit your GRT internship claim.

*Refer to "Documents you’ll need for your application" for more details.

Documents you'll need for your application

During Application Process:

  • GRT company application on GRTNet;
  • Latest ACRA dated no later than 6 months from date of application;
  • Latest audited financial statement no later than 18 months from date application of your company.

Pre-requisite: Posting of internship position:

  • Fill in all required information for the creation of new internship position: 
    1. Internship details: Internship type, Preferred IHL level, Internship duration, Location/Destination, Number of positions available;
    2. Job scope: Job title, Roles & responsibilities, Learning outcomes.

Internship Placement:

  •  Obtain an Internship Placement Letter from the IHL upon successful internship placement.

Grant Application (Upload all on GRTNet):

  • A Copy of the Internship Placement Letter/Email (issued by the school) with the following details:
    1. Company Name;
    2. Intern’s Name and NRIC;
    3. Internship duration (Including start and end date);
    4. Internship monthly stipend aligned to GRT (Internship) terms (Minimum $800 per month for ITE and polytechnic students and minimum $1,000 per month for university students).
  • Copy of the NRIC (front and back) of each intern;
  • Intern's year of study and current semester;
  • Intern's contact number and email address.
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For more details on the programme: GRT

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