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Digital TV Assistance Scheme

last updated 26 December 2017

During the progressive Digital TV (DTV) rollout islandwide, the DTV Assistance Scheme was implemented to help low-income households make the switch to digital TV so that they can continue to watch their favourite free-to-air TV programmes.

The scheme will help low-income Singaporean households make a smooth transition from analogue to digital TV, so that they can continue to enjoy their favourite Mediacorp TV programmes. 

If you have StarHub TV or Singtel TV service, or a digital-ready integrated television (IDTV) connected to an antenna, you can already enjoy Mediacorp's digital TV channels. You do not need to do anything. 

If you don't, you may qualify for a free digital set-top box and indoor antenna (package) under the Digital TV (DTV) Assistance Scheme

Households with: 

  • A working TV set;
  • No pay TV subscription or integrated television (IDTV; i.e. TV with built-in DVB-T2 digital tuner);
  • At least one Singapore household member; and 
  • For economically active households
    Monthly household income* of $1,900 or below, or ​
    monthly household income per household member# of $600 or below;
    For households with no incom​e
    Annual Value (AV)^ of residence of $13,000 or below.


  • If you meet the above criteria AND stay in a one or two-room HDB rental flat or receive public assistance from ComCare**, CHAS^^ or self-help groups (CDAC, SINDA, Yayasan MENDAKI, Sikh Welfare Council), as you will be automatically included in the scheme. ​​
  • When your estate can receive Digital TV, IMDA will send a notification letter to you with information on how you can obtain the Assistance Scheme package. 

Each eligible household is entitled to ​​one Assistance Scheme package. 

*Monthly household income is the total monthly income of family members living at the same address. Monthly income refers to your basic income, overtime pay, allowances, cash awards, commissions and bonuses. 

#Monthly household income per person is the monthly household income divided by the total number of family members living at the same address, including children. 

^Annual value (AV) is the estimated annual rent of your home if it is rented out. The AV of most HDB flats is ≤ $13,000. You can check the annual value of your home from your property tax bill or from myTax Portal at www.IRAS.gov.sg.  

**Active ComCare recipients provided by the Ministry of Social and Family Development to IMDA on the first day of every month.  

^^Refers to CHAS Blue Card holders who qualified under the CHAS criteria of household with no income and the Annual Value (AV) of their residence as reflected on their NRIC is $13,000 and below.​

You can apply ​for the Assistance Scheme when your estate is able to receive Digital TV. To know if your estate is ready for Digital TV,


​Pick up an application form (with enclosed envelope) at your nearest Community Centre/Club or HDB Branch Office when your estate is ready for Digital TV. You can also download the form here.

If you are using your own envelope, you can mail the completed form to this address: 

DTV Assistance Sch​​eme​
Infocomm Media Development Authority
3 Fusionopolis Way
#14-22 Symbiosis
Singapore 138633​

For further assistance, please refer to the FAQs​ or contact:

Contact Numbers 
 IMDA DTV Assistance Scheme Hotline
  • General enquiries on the DTV Assistance Scheme (Mondays t​o Fridays, 8.30am – 6pm)

1800 388 4357
 M1 Limited
For auto-inclusion households or approved eligible households:
  • Appointment Scheduling to receive the package (Daily, 9am – 9pm)
  • Technical Assistance regarding the package (Daily, 9am – 6pm)
 6655 5571
  • Technical assistance with reception of the DTV channels

 6435 6288

​​​DTV Assistance Scheme Posters 

DTV Posters

DTV Assistance Scheme Brochure


Download Brochure (in 4 languages)​​

DTV Assistance Scheme Application Form


Download Application Form