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last updated 03 November 2017

"The computer has really helped me a lot. With the computer, I can surf the net and I can practise what I have learnt in class at home. This helps me to improve my Infocomm skills. In my free time, I can still chat with my friends. The programme has benefited me a lot as it gives me the opportunity to learn something and put my skills to good use." - Eddie Neo Zhao Nai, beneficiary of NEU PC Plus Programme

"Before I got the computer, I used to go to the library to do my research. With the computer, I can now do my research at home.
Recently, my teacher, Madam Sakun, gave us a project on the country, Belarus. With the computer, I am able to research using Google and print the information I have found. I really like my computer a lot." - Rasyiqah Bte Mohamad Rafie, beneficiary of NEU PC Plus Programme

"The computer has helped me a lot because I have a lot of school work to do and they usually need to be done online. My teachers will upload information on the school's website and with the computer I am able to access the information my teacher has uploaded.
In the past, I had to go to my cousin's place to use the Internet. Now, with the new computer, I can do my school work at home. I am really grateful for the computer." - Andreanna Angeline Stewart, beneficiary of NEU PC Plus Programme


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  • PC and Broadband Specifications

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