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Always wanted to play laser tag? Now you can build a mini laser tag game at home! 


As ambient light sensor detects the intensity of the laser pointer. If it is greater than 400, it will sound the buzzer and the servo will make the target fall and up. Game over when it reaches 10. Press A to reset score to 0.


Contributed by Maker Coach, Mark Ng from Singapore Polytechnic

Video in action

You Will Need:

1 x Micro:bit
1 x Micro:bit breakout board
1 x Ambient Light Sensor 
1 x Digital Buzzer Module 
1 x Laser pointer
1 x Servo motor 9g
1 x Popsicle
1 x Bottle cap
1 x Paper target
1 x Glue gun
1 x Crocodile clip
1 x Micro switch
1 x 3V battery case


Making the target

Use colour printer to print the target. Laminate the target and drill a hole on the target and bottle cap. You need to trim the bottle cap because the jst connector is higher than the light sensor. 

Align and glue

Align the holes and glue the cap to the back of the target. Then, place the ambient LED into the hole.

Turn the servo

Turn the servo to 90 degrees and connect the popsicle to the servo. Glue it.

Connecting pins

p0 to buzzer
p1 to servo
P2 to ambient light sensor


Write the program

You might need to adjust the value of >400 based on your lighting conditions.

Use an old box to house your target game

Making the gun

We will be using the laser pointer, battery case and micro switch.

Connecting crocodile clips

Remove the batteries from the laser pointer and glue the laser pointer to the top of the battery casing.

For my laser pointer, the spring (blue arrow) is -ve and the inner casing (orange arrow) is +ve. As the spring of the laser pointer is very difficult to access, I use a crocodile clip to clip on it.
-ve of battery connected to crocodile clip. The crocodile clip is clipped on to the spring indicated by the blue arrow. +ve of battery connected to micro switch. Another cable from micro switch to the inner casing of the laser pointer indicated by the orange arrow.

Tie and Solder

Tie a cable tie around the switch of the laser pointer so that the switch remained depressed. Solder the micro switch and glue it to the battery case. 

Project complete!

The outcome as shown

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