Partnerships are key in growing the digital making culture.  Different partners bring their expertise to support and enhance the digital making experience.


Microsoft is a key technology partner in this programme. They provide training for teachers for the schools that sign up for the Digital Maker Programme.  They also provide a browser-based introductory programming experience for beginners, an architecture that allows enthusiasts to uncover the many capabilities of the micro:bit; as well as resources that support teachers on the use of micro:bits in their classrooms.


Local start-up Tinkertanker, together with their UK partner, ScienceScope has developed a breakout board that easily connects to a wide variety of low-cost sensors, motors and displays for more complex creations. This is especially useful in the classroom as students can focus on their digital creations without having to deal with messy wiring and soldering.

Tinkertanker has also developed an app and a new programming language for the micro:bit. Dubbed as Iyo, the new platform allows the micro:bit to recognise sensors and peripherals as inputs and outputs, allowing the users to use them in a plug-and-play manner. The app allows users to download snippets of codes known as “spells” and flash them directly from mobile to the micro:bit.



Local company Home-Fix has developed a series of digital making kits that comprise reusable electronic components, enabling the user to make different projects. Ranging from a starter kit to an explorer kit, the different levels provide flexibility to cater to the user’s proficiency. The explorer kit also includes the Tembusu Board which enables sensors and peripherals to be connected to the micro:bit in a hassle-free manner.


Kuriosity x Continental Electronics 

Learning any new tech skills can be daunting, even if you don't want to become a full-time programmer. Explore project possibilities and get up to speed on the latest range of educational kits, compatible sensors and accessories at Singapore's one-stop electronics playground. Local collaboration Kuriosity x Continental Electronics curate micro:bit learning journeys for educators to help translate ideas into custom teaching kits for lesson delivery. Sign up for the next learning journey to meet in-house hardware and software innovation experts to address your technical needs.