How to Sign Up



Children today are extremely tech savvy, but mostly as consumers of technology. To thrive in today’s digital age, our youths should be encouraged to be creators who can identify problems and solve them innovatively and collaboratively with technology. 

To instil digital creativity in our youths, we will provide all interested primary and secondary schools with micro:bits for up to one level of students when they sign up for the Digital Maker Programme. Schools can decide which level they would like to introduce the micro:bit to (e.g. for a specific level or on a rotation basis across levels each term) and how they may want to use it (e.g. for their Design & Technology lessons or Applied Learning programmes). We have also partnered Microsoft to provide training for teachers (up to 5 teachers per school) on the basic skills of digital making with the micro:bit, along with lesson ideas which integrate the use of the micro:bit as a learning tool in the classroom.

Microsoft also provides a browser-based introductory programming experience for beginners, an architecture that allows enthusiasts to uncover the many capabilities of the micro:bit, as well as resources that support teachers on the use of micro:bits in their classrooms. 

Signing Up

You can sign up for the Digital Maker Programme for your school by emailing it to will then liaise with you to arrange for the micro:bits delivery and educator workshops.

As there is limited capacity for the educator workshops, schools will be allocated for the Digital Maker Programme on a first-come-first-serve basis. Do keep a lookout in August or September 2018 four our next round of sign-ups.

We will also have another two to three sign-ups in 2018 before the programme ends in March 2019.

Sharing with the Education Community

At the end of six months, your school will be requested to contribute one lesson idea with the education community on how you have used the micro:bits, either in a subject or as part of your school programme. We will also inform you about related events that offer opportunities for your schools to showcase your teachers’ and students’ good works on the micro:bit and how you can participate.

Lesson Ideas

Various schools and training partners have started using the micro:bit in various subjects and programmes, such as the Applied Learning Programme. Take a look at the lesson ideas they have come up with!