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Double Tax Deduction for Internationalisation (DTDi)

This allows your company to claim tax deductions on eligible costs relating to overseas market expansion, development, and internationalisation.
  • Up to 200% tax deduction on eligible costs1;
  • Expenditure cap for Automatic DTDi of S$150,000 for 2019.

1. Approved business gets to deduct against their taxable income, twice the qualifying expenses incurred for qualifying activities.


You are:

  • A businesses resident in a permanent establishment in Singapore;
  • A business that enjoys discretionary incentives may also be allowed to qualify1.


You need to:

  • Hold a permanent establishment in Singapore for the primary purpose of promoting the trading of goods or provision of services.

1. On a case-by-case basis, subject to approval by IE Singapore or Singapore Tourism Board (STB).

Critical information
  • Automatically claim 200% tax deduction on the first S$100,000 of eligible expenses for four activities per year of assessment.
  • No pre-approval from Enterprise Singapore (ESG) is required for the following activities:
    1. Overseas business development trips and missions;
    2. Overseas investment study trips and missions;
    3 Overseas trade fairs;
    4. Local trade fairs approved by ESG or STB;
  • Eligible expenses on qualifying activities outside the four areas and expenses exceeding S$100,000 will require Enterprise Singapore's approval.
What to expect when applying

Application Process:

  • Register/Login as a DTDi User.
  • Submit application online with Singpass/CorpPass1 for activities:
    1. For activities that do not fall under automatic DTDi,
    2. With quantum exceeding the first S$100,000 for that year of assessment under automatic DTDi.
  • Application must be submitted before project commencement.
  • Only completed applications will be processed.
  • Other supporting documents may be requested to verify eligible expenses.

Application Approval:

  • Submit evaluation forms upon project completion.
  • Letter of Support will be issued to support your claims with Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS).
  • Attach the Letter of Support from Enterprise Singapore to IRAS when filing the company's annual income tax return.
  • All other relevant supporting documents* should be compliant and made available to IRAS upon request.
  • IRAS will assess if expenses submitted qualify for tax deductions.


  • Once project is completed, submit the Evaluation Form for Enterprise Singapore(ESG) to issue the Letter of Support for your claims with IRAS.
  • Companies are not required to submit upfront documentation to IRAS for expenditure not exceeding S$100,000.
  • Documentation* such as proof of expenditure and purpose, should be provided upon IRAS request.

*Refer to "Documents you will need for your application" for more details.

1. No CorpPass Account? Refer to the CorpPass guide for instructions on setting up an account.

Documents you'll need for your application
  • Application form for DTDi;
  • Evaluation Form from ESG;
  • All other relevant documents such as purpose and itinerary of the trip, list of companies met, invoices and receipts of the qualifying expenses may be requested.
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