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Plug and Play Network - Specialised Advisory

As part of the Plug and Play network, this program provides access to specialised advisory services for tax and custom issues specific to China, India, Southeast Asia or Middle East.

PwC Worldtrade Management Services (WMS) provides the following services to help address this need:

  • Basic report with targeted supplementary information;
  • Advanced advisory and consultation;
  • Deep dive consultation and/ or in-country support (completion of option 2).

You are:

  • A Singaporean company or Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) looking for advisory services in custom and tax regulations.


You need to:

  • Have global aspirations;
  • Have clear internationalisation plan;
  • Have competitive product(s) or service(s);
  • Have potential economic benefits to Singapore.
Critical information
  • In partnerships with PwC Worldtrade Management Services (WMS) to help Singapore companies with global trade operations by:
    1. addressing intricate cross-border issues and
    2. managing compliance risks associated.
  • WMS has an extensive global network of 500 individuals in more than 58 territories.
  • Gain access to a group of experts and specialists with private sector experience in logistics, customs and international trade.
What to expect when applying
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