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About DISG

Digital Industry Singapore (DISG) is a joint office of the Economic Development Board (EDB), Enterprise Singapore (EnterpriseSG) and Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA).

DISG will transform the way the Singapore government engages with the technology sector, as it serves as a single interface for the industry. The streamlined approach will enable DISG to better understand companies' needs, with a view to anchor global technology leaders, build local champions, and nurture future ready talent in Singapore.

With the complementary networks, resources and programmes of EDB, EnterpriseSG and IMDA coming together, DISG will seek to achieve our mission to establish Singapore as a global-Asia technology hub with deep capabilities, strong infrastructure and a vibrant ecosystem of local and global enterprises, from which new products, services, business models and partnerships are created for Asia and beyond.

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Roadmap for digital singapore

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Services 4.0

Making the service industry (72% of Singapore’s GDP) a key focus for the digital economy with Artificial Intelligence, seamless services and emerging technologies.
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Digital Government Blueprint

Creating a Singapore government that is digital to the core and serves people with a heart by transforming how government works through data, connectivity, automation and personalisation.
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Smart Nation

Singapore’s vision for the digital transformation of the economy and city to ensures that all segments of society are able to harness digital technologies like e-payments, digital services, etc., and benefit from them.
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S$3.2 bn worth of investments in the Infocomm and Media industry
17400 new jobs to be created in the tech industry
23 % of government's $2.6bn IT spending budget allocated to the digital ecosystem
S$800 m worth of government ICT contracts are awarded to SMEs

FAQ sections

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Is DISG a new organisation?

Nope. This is a joint office that brings together some of the best digital offerings from 3 individual agencies: EDB, EnterpriseSG & IMDA.

What's the difference between EDB, EnterpriseSG and IMDA?

Here’s a quick overview of what each agency does:


Economic Development Board (EDB): The Economic Development Board Is the government agency responsible for Singapore’s strategies on business, talent and innovation.


Enterprise Singapore (EnterpriseSG): Enterprise Singapore, formerly Spring and IE, is the government agency that champions enterprise development.


Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA): The Infocomm Media Development Authority develops and regulates the infocomm and media sectors.

I have questions across different agencies. Who do I contact?

For general questions relating to DISG, reach out to info@digitalindustry.gov.sg.  For questions pertaining to specific programs, reach out to the individual agencies: EDBEnterpriseSGIMDA

I'm a foreign company coming into Singapore and don't see much for me.

Firstly, welcome to Singapore! We love everyone equally, but this particular website is especially for home-grown techies. For questions you might have or help you need, reach out to EDB here. They’re working on building a bespoke experience for companies just like yours.

What else is DISG going to do?

We’re so glad you asked. This website is currently in Beta, but we’ve got a few exciting plans lined up. If you’re interested in events or developing this platform together, reach out to us at info@digitalindustry.gov.sg. We'd also love if you could indicate your interest and other feedback of this website here.

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