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Welcome to the GoWhere page, part of IMDA's Stay Healthy, Go Digital campaign!

The current COVID-19 situation is a challenging one, but we can still make the most of our time even while staying at home.

Remember, life doesn't have to go on hold when you can Go Digital!


Going Digital means you are able to do activities online, such as buying things, reading the news, playing games, watching videos or interacting with friends.

To do this, you will need a computing device and Internet connectivity. 

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You'll need an electronic device

Let’s start with buying notebook computers, tablets or smart phones – whichever you are most comfortable with!


Check out the list of companies that you can purchase your device from

Here is a list of companies and retailers with devices that allow you to go online and perform all kinds of digital tasks to get you through your day.


Electronic Device Brands


Online Electronic Stores

Once you have your device, you will need connectivity to get you online.

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At home, a broadband package should be a basic feature

This includes a wireless router that all your devices can connect to wherever you are in the house.


Upgrade bundle plans

If you already have a broadband or mobile data package, you might want to look at a newer bundle deal. For example, do you need additional broadband capacity at home, or need to upgrade to a mobile data plan that keeps pace with your online needs? There could be an ideal package deal that’s worth upgrading to, to cater to everyone working at home.


For mobile devices

You can opt for a variety of options to get connected – including SIM-only deals.


Check out the list of companies that can help you get connected

Here is a list of telcos that allow you to get connected and go online.



List of Telco Stores That Are Open

Please click here (15.57KB) for the list of operating telco store locations during this COVID-19 situation.

If you would like to find out more about buying online, paying online or learning online, check out our one-stop information hub at We Go Digital!

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Last updated on: 04 May 2020