The SG United Content Series celebrates the uniquely Singaporean stories of how our community is staying united, healthy and strong during the COVID-19 crisis.

Created by our local content creators as a ground-up initiative with support from IMDA, catch this series of videos that will inspire and entertain with a range of exciting content - from heartwarming short films that shed light into the sacrifices of our unsung heroes, videos that spread appreciation for our frontline workers, to info-tainment clips about the digital tools out there that can help make life easier during this period, and more! Together, let’s stay hopeful and stay united #SGUnited #StayHealthyGoDigital

Staying SG United

Drama | Music Video



The Viewing

By: Little Penguins

Watch this story which will make you think twice about judging a person by the colour of their skin, and the prejudice amid this COVID-19 crisis.


Music Video


Smile Again (Music Video)

By: Dreambox Studios

Featuring an original Mandarin pop song, ‘Smile Again’, encourages Singaporeans to stay united, be positive and support one another so that we may all smile again after this crisis.

Stay Healthy Go Digital




By: AsiaOne Online Pte Ltd

The objective of this project is to review and share with audiences the different and interesting food choices that can be delivered to their doorsteps, amidst the COVID-19 situation in Singapore where food delivery is encouraged.

Info-ed series

E-Learning: Home-based learning for adults


Work from Home during Covid-19: Best Video Conferencing Software- Singapore


Work from Home during Covid-19: Gadgets to improve productivity - Singapore


Telemedicine Pt 1- Video call a doctor during Covid-19


Telemedicine Pt 2- Book House calls and more online


Tech Fights Covid

By: Tech360TV Pte Ltd

Tech Fights Covid is a web series that highlights practical tech solutions to everyday life in midst of COVID-19. Solutions covered range from digital payments, teleconferencing, telemedicine, e-commerce, e-learning, and the use of credible news websites to debunk fake news, that will help Singaporeans adopt digital measures to keep healthy and productive.

Celebrating our Unsung Heroes

Music VideoShort Film

Music Video


If Not For You (Music Video)

By: mm2 Entertainment

The students of Académie of Stars pay tribute in song to the frontline workers, specifically the doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers and security staff who selflessly work to ensure our safety.”




Everyday Heroes (Music Video)

By: mm2 Entertainment

Dick Lee and his friends pay tribute in this song to the “Everyday Heroes”, encouraging Singaporeans banding together to stay strong in the face of adversity.




The Unspoken Love (Short Film)

By: Noontalk Media Pte Ltd

The two stories revolve around unsung heroes (a nurse and a hawker) who contribute in their own way during the difficult times of COVID-19, and how people around them also come to understand and support them.


This is Why (Short Film)

By: TheSmartLocal

Catch this thought-provoking short film from the point of view of a nurse during COVID-19, and the treatment she receives from Singaporeans. Watch to the end for a heart-warming reveal on why she chooses nursing as her profession.


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Last updated on: 15 May 2020