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Contact Person: Michael Koh
Tel: +65 98291595

BasisAI builds augmented intelligence software for data-driven enterprises that gives them a road to a sustained competitive edge.

They bring the best of Silicon Valley technology leadership and expertise, combined with their proprietary Bedrock AI operating system which allows enterprises to get to productionised, responsible AI systems in weeks.

What they typically deliver is a suite of bespoke hyper-personalisation or prediction engines that power the customer’s core product or operations. They will develop, deploy and maintain these learning engines for the customer, while allowing them to retain control over their data, and have a path to building Enterprise wide AI capabilities.

BasisAI provides specific AI solutions built on the customer’s business needs and trained on their data. They don’t utilize generic models to return predictions. Their solutions are custom tailored every time.

Their approach to AI is to ensure that they build in a responsible and accountable manner. Their entire system was architected with a “glass-box approach”. They enable enterprises to have oversight and the ability to track performance of the entire multitude of AI systems on metrics that matter to the organisation, including accuracy which drives business outcomes, and bias which ensures ethical responsibility. The maintainability, auditability and explainability of our systems enables the ability to investigate why algorithmic decisions are made, identify and diagnose poor model performance and fix easily.

Last updated on: 01 Apr 2020