Kinetica Platform

Contact: Giselle Ho
Tel: +65 9022 8277
Email: gho@kinetica.ccom

Category: Enterprise Data / Development Platform
Sub-category: GPU-Accelerated Analytics

The Kinetica Active Analytics Platform analyses billions of data points continuously to make dynamic business decisions. In the data-driven Fourth Industrial Revolution, individual businesses need to analyse and react to data simultaneously, in real time: a process called active analytics. It requires continuous analysis of streaming and historical data, location and geospatial analysis, and predictive analytics using AI and machine learning, all combined in the Kinetica Active Analytics Platform.

Kinetica also provides a generic and extensible design of networks comprise of a graph and solver. The platform is cloud-ready, and dramatically simplifies the typical architecture for smart applications, with unmatched performance. Facing highly complex and unprecedented data challenges, businesses across industries can address a variety of issues with Kinetica, from predicting insurance risk to reprioritizing ER patients, from forecasting pollution to implementing traffic controls, from applying responsive retail pricing to programming inventory management, all by automating informed, real-time predictions.

Organisations across the public and private sectors, from automotive to energy, telecommunications, retail, healthcare, financial services, and beyond, leverage the platform’s GPU-accelerated computing power to build custom analytical applications that deliver immediate, dynamic insights. Kinetica has a rich partner ecosystem, including NVIDIA, Dell, HP, and IBM, and is privately held, backed by leading global venture capital firms Canvas Ventures, Citi Ventures, GreatPoint Ventures, and Meritech Capital Partners.

Last updated on: 06 Feb 2020