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Website: www.vrcollab.com
Contact: Athirah Syamimi
Tel: 9655 0529
Email: athirah@vrcollab.com

Incorporated in December 2016, VRcollab Pte. Ltd., strives to ease the Virtual Design Construction (VDC) workflow of Architect, Engineer, and Construction (AEC) professionals; regardless of project phase, stakeholding and Building Information Modeling (BIM) skills. 

With the mission to redefine collaboration within the AEC Industry, VRcollab has 2 products under its name - VRcollab LITE and VRcollab STUDIO. Both software are powered by VRcollab’s core technology that automatically converts BIM models for use in Virtual Reality. The conversion is done with accuracy and speed (approximately 7GB BIM converted in 10 Minutes).

Its flagship product, VRcollab LITE, is a next generation VDC software solution for the AEC industry by providing BIM interrogation, Stakeholder collaboration, Virtual Reality in a concise and effective tool. Professionals can export their BIM directly from Revit, Archicad, Navisworks, Sketchup and start their coordination meetings in an instant.

VRcollab LITE converts BIM models for use in design reviews, building requirement approval and construction coordination. The “Merge” function allows multiple BIM that have been modeled on different software to be combined into one model using VRcollab LITE, facilitating an easy workflow for consultants. In addition, Multi-User VR functionality aids in the seamless communication between groups whether in one physical location or remotely via the internet. This is further enhanced by VDC oriented features and automated document generation, allowing professionals to be effective and efficient within the VR environment.

VRcollab STUDIO is developed specifically for CAVE system used by AEC professionals. It allows Architecture and Construction professionals to view their BIM models using 3D glasses and further interact with it via VDC centric software features.


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Last updated on: 04 Dec 2020