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About The SG Digital Scholarship (Postgraduate)

The SG Digital Scholarship (Postgraduate) is an industry scholarship that empowers individuals to pursue Masters or PhD-level studies in tech- or media-related fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Analytics, Immersive Media, and Digital Content Creation. The postgraduate scholarship allows individuals to chart their future in a tech or media career in Singapore. 

SG Digital Scholarship has also expanded with a new focus area to support local talent pursuing research in future communications technologies. Support will be given to postgraduate local students to pursue research and translational projects related to future communications technologies (e.g. 5G technologies and beyond). Find out more here.

Scholarship details

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Eligibility criteria

Applicants for the SG Digital Scholarship (Postgraduate) must meet the following criteria:

  • Singapore citizen;
  • The postgraduate programme has to be tech or media-related and offered by a local autonomous university, local arts institution or a renowned overseas university;
  • A current student in a postgraduate programme with minimally one academic year of study remaining from the point of scholarship award; or
  • A candidate who has yet to enroll in any postgraduate programmes and will commence his/her Masters or PhD within one year from the point of scholarship award.

The following are not eligible:

  1. Online or distance learning courses;

  2. Part-time Overseas Masters; and

  3. Part-time Local/Overseas PhD programmes.

Priority is given to non-public officers as public officers are encouraged to apply in-house schemes available in their organisations. Both fresh graduates and professionals are welcome to apply.

Scholarship obligation

The bond commitment will be as follows:

For Masters studies:

  • 3 years for Full Overseas Scholarship
  • 2 years for Full Local Scholarship or Mid-Term Overseas Scholarship
  • 1 year for Mid-Term Local Scholarship
  • Bond-free for Part-time Local or Mid-Term Part-time Local Scholarship

For PhD studies:

  • Bond-free for Local Scholarship (including full- or mid-term)
  • 5 years for Full Overseas Scholarship
  • 3 – 4 years for Mid-Term Overseas Scholarship
Scholarship coverage

Successful applicants will be given support for:

  • Tuition and other compulsory university fees
  • Annual living allowance and/or stipend*
  • Pre-studies Allowance^
  • Thesis allowance
  • Medical insurance, visa fees, etc. where mandatory
  • Funding support for courses and certifications beyond school curriculum
  • Support for overseas experiences^ including overseas internships, student exchange programmes and competitions
  • For PhD studies: conference allowances, travel allowances and book allowances

*Living allowance is only applicable for overseas Masters and overseas PhD studies. Stipend is only applicable for full-time local Masters and full-time local and overseas PhD studies. Scholars awarded under the cybersecurity track of the SG Digital Scholarship (Postgraduate) will receive enhanced benefits, applicable for full-time local and overseas Masters and PhD studies.

^Support for pre-studies allowance and overseas experience are only applicable for full-time local and overseas Masters and PhD studies.

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