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Wireless@SG for Consumers

Connecting to Wireless@SGx

Download the Wireless@SGx App to configure your device for automatic login to Wireless@SGx.

Huawei AppGallery: Download the Wireless@SGx App ios appstore logo new Google Play: Download the Wireless@SGx App mac appstore logo new windows appstore logo new

Update on 14 Feb 2024 - We have released an updated version of the Wireless@SGx App, which addresses an incompatibility between the existing Wireless@SGx App and the latest iOS/iPadOS version 17 and Android version 14. Users with devices running on these OS versions may wish to download the latest version of the Wireless@SGx App from the respective app stores to setup the Wireless@SGx profile.

Wireless@SGx App is only supported on the following platforms and operating system (OS) versions:

  • Android: Android 9 or later
  • HarmonyOS/EMUI: HarmonyOS 2.0/EMUI 9 or later
  • iOS: iOS 15 or later
  • MacOS: MacOS 12 or later
  • Windows: Windows 10 or later

User Guides

Connecting to Wireless@SG has never been easier. Choose the setup guide applicable to you.

Wireless@SG Andriod SIM setup guide for consumers Wireless@SG Andriod non-SIM setup guide for consumers

Wireless@SG iOS SIM setup guide for consumers Wireless@SG iOS non-SIM setup guide for consumers

MacOS Setup Wireless@SG Windows setup guide for consumers


Download the list of Wireless@SG hotspots and information on the locations (4.17MB) provided by our operators.

Contact Operators

Please do not hesitate to contact the Wireless@SG operators for more information or technical assistance.

Safe Surfing Tips

When using Wireless@SG or any other wireless networks available, consumers need to be aware of cyber-attacks that make use of wireless connections and take simple measures to prevent such threats. 

For more tips on online safe surfing, please visit the following URL:


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