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Open Innovation Platform (OIP)

The OIP is a virtual crowd-sourcing platform that connects Problem Owners with real business challenges or digitalisation opportunities to Problem Solvers, building up digital capabilities for both large and small enterprises.


If You're A Problem Owner:
  • Speed up your digitalisation efforts by tapping on a large pool of Solvers with innovative ideas and multi-disciplinary expertise.
  • Be facilitated by IMDA through a structured and iterative open innovation process.
  • Enjoy reduced cost of searching for solution and expand your overall capacity to innovate.

If You're a Problem Solver:
  • Access to potential customer(s) and apply to curated problem statements (challenges).
  • Opportunity to develop and test with Problem Owner(s) and win prize money.
  • Winning Solver has the opportunity to commercialise and go-to-market jointly with Problem Owner(s), who may serve as reference for Singapore or the region.

You are:

  • A Small and Medium Enterprise (SME), Enterprise, ICM start-ups or innovators intending to participate as Problem Owners, Problem Solvers, or Both.

You need to:

  • Problem Owner: 
    Have a business challenge to be solved, and be willing to put up prize money for quality and innovative ideas.
  • Problem Solver: 
    Have digital technology expertise and innovation capabilities, and an interest to co-innovate with potential customers or partners in Singapore.
Critical information

Innovation Challenge:

  • Innovation Calls will be released on the OIP every few months.
  • Each Innovation Call consists of a set of challenges from different Problem Owners across different sectors;
  • Each challenge is accompanied by prize money for winning solutions that are selected based on the criteria of the Problem Owner.
There are three types of challenges on the OIP:
  • Ideation;
  • Proof-of-Concept;
  • Prototype.


The Innovation Call Process

What to expect when applying
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For Frequently Asked Questions: OIP FAQs

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