17 Jun 2020

04:30 PM-06:00 PM

Digital Transformation for SMEs:Creating a Better User Experience during COVID-19


ui ux new final iconUI/UX

What is this about?

The current COVID-19 crisis has led to companies moving towards remote working and customers leveraging more on online, digital solutions to meet their needs. Consequently, this is significantly accelerating the shift towards digitalisation and shaking up the businesses landscape.

Join Chemistry’s Business Designers as they discuss how SMEs can quickly identify gaps and opportunities to swiftly adapt their businesses in these rapidly changing times. The team will share methods, frameworks, and tools to assist participants on their journey to provide a seamless digital experience for their customers.

This workshop is organised by PIXEL, and facilitated by Chemistry.
About Chemistry
As a full service, human centric and multi-disciplinary design studio, Chemistry brings a wealth of experience in both creative design skills as well as a rich expertise in translating complex and diverse end customer needs into seamless and easy to use design solutions.

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