28 Feb 2020

10:00 AM-12:00 PM

Unity Workshops Singapore - Intermediate Visual Effect Graph


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The new Visual Effect Graph aims to achieve high quality visual effect. Users are able to author particle effects with a visual graph and deploy millions of particles to create complex behaviors.


- Comparison between Shuriken Particle System and Visual Effect Graph

- Create complex visual effects with Visual Effect Graph

Who should attend?

Media - Create complex effects with millions of particles that’ll react to light and shadows to achieve high quality visuals.

Medical - With millions of particles at your disposal, the Visual Effect Graph can simulate complex effects such as blood flows.

Education - Create highly complex and visually pleasing effects to enhance the learning content.

Proficiency level



- Intro to Unity

- Intermediate Unity

- Scriptable Render Pipeline

- Visual Effect Graph

Note -

  • To attend the workshop, a valid pass is required.
  • No fee will be imposed on the attendees, a no show would mean you will not be assigned a valid pass for subsequent workshops (to attend, you can try to do a walk in for subsequent workshops and will be accepted if there are vacancies).
  • Walk-ins will only be accepted if we have any last minute dropouts (do note that participation is not guaranteed while a wait outside the venue of at least 30 mins is expected), do note that participation is not guaranteed unless with a valid pass. If we have a full turnout, we apologize that any walk-ins will be rejected.
  • As this is a workshop series in partnership with IMDA, priority will be given to those living in Singapore.
  • To facilitate communication and follow ups, we will require a working Singapore mobile number at registration, any passes issued will be automatically cancelled if no local mobile number provided.

If you can't attend, please email us at events_sapac@unity3d.com at least the day prior to the session, so we can release the seat.