Building a Digital Workforce

18 Oct 2018

07:00 PM-09:00 PM

Building a Digital Workforce - The Estonia Model


digital media new final iconDIGITAL CONTENT

digital storytelling new final iconDIGITAL STORYTELLING

What does it take to be a Smart Nation? We take lessons from 'the most advanced digital society in the world' : Estonia. 

From the country which brought you world-class digital brands & companies like Skype, Taxify, Pipedrive and more, we'll be bringing in digital case studies from Enterprise Estonia and other thriving Estonian startups. 

Are you a freelancer looking to become a digital nomad? What is E-residency? Is your business looking to go digital and global? What does it mean to grow and manage a global team? Learn from Estonia and Singapore startups alike as they share what it means to be in the Digital Economy for entrepreneurs and how it is shaping up the future of work. 

We will be streaming the event live on Facebook, so if you are unable to join us that day, do tune in to us there. Subscribe and like the CreativesAtWork FB page for updates.