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20 Nov 2018

07:00 PM-09:00 PM

Freelancer Hackathon


digital media new final iconDIGITAL CONTENT

digital storytelling new final iconDIGITAL STORYTELLING

Due to popular demand, our mini freelancer hackathon is back!

New and emerging technologies are set to disrupt the way we work. How can we
freelancers tackle digital disruption to come up with creative new solutions for
our clients? Can the freelancers come together to produce creative solutions for
the potential client? Who knows what new opportunities can arise from this?


Would you like to kick off your marketing strategy but you're not sure where to
start? Or maybe you've tried everything you could think of, but would like to step
it up. Join us for this session! Have over 20 freelancers brainstorming, just for

Get in touch at, *No obligation to hire anyone at
the end of the session!


Come and stretch your mind-claws as potential client issues are posed to you.
You'll have a limited time, with a randomized team, to come up with as many
executable ideas as possible. Display your creativity and show off your skills in
this unique hackathon for creatives.


We have refreshments covered with - yes, you got it - BEER.

After a hard week's work, chill out with other freelancers while making your time
worth it and learning something new.

Whether you are fresh out of school or have been freelancing for a while, we
want you to become part of this exciting event. Come co-create with other people
who want to make a difference!