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15 Mar 2019

10:00 AM-05:00 PM

Virtual Reality


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VR has proven to be a vital tool for Enterprises to efficiently train employees, visualize a product before investing in full production and to increase productivity and collaboration. This workshop will present some of these use cases and show how Unity can be used to develop a VR application for Enterprises.


  • different use cases of VR
  • difference between mobile and PC VR
  • tracking and syncing head mounted display and controllers
  • handle interactions in VR
  • VR best practices

Who should attend?

Retail - Use VR to study shopper's behavior by tracking how they respond to different shelving layouts and positioning of signage.

AEC - Visualize the building in VR to have a better sense of how it would look like and spot mistakes before proceeding with actual construction.

Media - VR is a new platform and a new medium for storytelling. Leverage on VR's immersiveness and interactivity to create a unique and memorable experience.

Medical - Using VR, medical personnels can study and train on a digital specimen. Studies have shown that this greatly enhances the learning retention. (

Education - Visualizing complex structures in VR is more effective and engaging.

Proficiency level

Intermediate - Able to produce a complete Unity project.


  • Intro to Unity
  • Intermediate Unity

Session Structure

  • 10am to 12.30pm : Talk + Q&A
  • 2-5pm : 3 x 60-min clinic sessions where you can bring an existing project to consult our Field Engineer
  • Clinic Sessions (3 slots available) - by invitation, email us at if you have an existing project, we will select and extend invitation.  Exisiting project MUST be submitted to us at least 2 days before the session.

Here's the list of upcoming workshops, passes will be available via EventBrite closer to the date.



Note -

  • to attend the workshop, a valid pass is required.  Each pass must be registered to one participant. 
  • no fee will be imposed on the attendees, a no show would mean you will not be assigned a valid pass for subsequent workshops (to attend, you can try to do a walk in for subsequent workshops and will be accepted if there are vacancies).
  • Walk-ins will only be accepted if we have any last minute dropouts (do note that participation is not guaranteed while a wait outside the venue of at least 30 mins is expected), do note that participation is not guaranteed unless with a valid pass. If we have a full turnout, we apologize that any walk-ins will be rejected.
  • as this is a workshop series in partnership with IMDA, priority will be given to those living in Singapore.

If you can't attend, please email us at at least the day prior to the session, so we can release the seat.