Interested to learn what design thinking is about and how it can help you accelerate digital innovation and transformation?

Design thinking is a human-centred and iterative approach to problem solving, and is increasingly used by leading organisations to make their digital transformation more customer-centric. PIXEL embraces the philosophy of empathy – starting with the customer and working backwards - in the development of great digital products, solutions and experiences.

We offer interactive and hands-on workshops to help your company learn and apply design thinking in digital transformation and innovation projects. PIXEL provides a conducive environment for companies to go through the Design Thinking process, from ideation to prototyping.

Our support includes: (1) Workshops to help your company learn and apply design thinking in digital transformation and innovation projects, (2) Project-based coaching with an expert to have a practical and experiential understanding of Design Thinking principles and to help you to develop customer-centric digital products and services.

To find out more, download the brochure here (2.52MB).


Digital Transformation Through Design Thinking

Interested to join in our mixer workshops? Check out our schedule of design thinking workshops here.

Keen on developing more customer-centric digital products and services through Design Thinking? Through PIXEL’s Project-based coaching, your company will be connected with a consultant on our panel, to deliver on an agreed Design Thinking project scope, and build capabilities within your team. This Project-based coaching programme is for Singapore-based, Tech & Media Start-ups, SME’s, LLE’s. Approved projects will be supported up to 70% of the total cost, capped at $70,000. It supports Design Thinking projects that may require up to 12 man-days of consultant engagement, for up to 6 months.

Stand to benefit from this through a simple 3 step application process: (i) Share an Executive Summary of the project with us via this link. (ii) Meet with us/the consultant to scope deliverables & duration (iii) Submit an Application Form and commence project when approved. All projects will be evaluated based on its innovation, scalability, the commitment to project (team, funding, relevance to core business), and capability building it brings to the organisation.

Tap on PIXEL’s mentors who can coach and facilitate your innovation projects using a design thinking approach. Check out the list of experts and apply to be mentored here.



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