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Are you a game developer looking for resources to help turn ideas into playable prototypes, or build a game fully for commercialisation?

Come to PIXEL , a creative space that seeks to provide game start-ups and talent with the right training and mentorship programmes to develop their games. It also provides users with the relevant platforms to help launch and market their games locally and internationally. Sony Interactive Entertainment has been a long-standing partner of PIXEL , providing software development kits and publishing opportunities for game developers to create and test content for the PlayStation platforms. PIXEL also allow game developers to be plugged into a conducive environment, partnering them as they progress from incubation stages to being full-fledged commercially viable companies.

Interested game developers, find out how you can be part of PIXEL here.


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One-stop resource centre for game developers

PIXEL is a creative space that seeks to provide a rapid prototyping development environment for Singapore-based small-medium game enterprises to develop their games. PIXEL also promotes game content through pavilions at key market events.

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