Looking to transform the User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) of your products and services?

Natural and intuitive interfaces and experiences are key to customer-centric innovation. PIXEL helps companies to enhance the user experience of their digital products or services, including web, mobile applications, immersive media, game consoles and emerging interfaces. 

Our support includes: (1) Workshops and Masterclasses on how to develop and refine the UI/UX as part of the digital innovation process (2) Project-based coaching with an expert to transform the UI/UX of a digital product, and build capabilities in your team (3) a fully-equipped Usability Testing Lab to conduct usability interviews.

To find out more, download the brochure here (3.03MB).


Create Intuitive User Interfaces And Experiences

Interested to join our workshops or masterclasses? Check out our event schedule here.

Keen on transforming the UI/UX of your digital products? Through PIXEL’s Project-based coaching, your company will be connected with a design consultant on our panel, to deliver on an agreed UI/UX project scope, and build capabilities within your team. This Project-based coaching programme is for Singapore-based, Tech & Media Start-ups, SME’s, LLE’s. Approved projects will be supported up to 70% of the total cost, capped at $70,000. It supports UI/UX projects that may require up to 24 man-days of consultant engagement, for up to 6 months. Stand to benefit from this through a simple 3 step application process: (i) Share an Executive Summary of the project with us via this link. (ii) Meet with us/the consultant to scope deliverables & duration (iii) Submit an Application Form and commence project when approved. All projects will be evaluated based on its innovation, scalability, the commitment to project (team, funding, relevance to core business), and capability building it brings to the organisation.

Thinking of conducting usability testing on your prototype, website or mobile app? Usability testing involves observing real users as they attempt to complete given tasks. PIXEL’s Usability Testing Lab allows companies to organise usability testing interviews to gather quantitative and qualitative feedback on effectiveness, efficiency, and user satisfaction. Our facility is equipped with hardware such as cameras, screen-based and wearable eye-tracking equipment, galvanic skin response sensors, as well as software to collect and analyse data from the interviews. Enquire about or book the facilities/equipment via this link.