Silver Digital Creators

The Silver Digital Creators (SDC) suite of courses target seniors who have embraced technology and are ready to bring their digital creative skills to the next level. Five courses to bolster the seniors’ creativity skills will be offered. Participants have an option to choose any combination of courses. Those who complete all five courses will receive an Apple Regional Training Centre certificate of recognition. The 5 courses to be offered in the areas of:

  1. Digital Photography – Seniors will be taught techniques that can transform their photographs into powerful images through their mobile devices.

  2. Movie Making – Participants will learn how to create a simple movie based on their latest holiday adventures or excursions.

  3. Digital Music and Art – Seniors can experience how music can be easily created with technology, such as designing their own ringtone from their favourite songs.

  4. Coding – Participants can learn how to code a simple app which can be shared with their friends and family.

  5. Book Authoring – Seniors will pick up useful tips on authoring their own book and how to publish their story to the world.

    The Silver Digital Creator courses will be offered at $27* per course and seniors can utilize their SkillsFuture Credits for the course fee. Each course is 6 hours long and will be conducted across 2 half days. Click here to check the schedule and sign up for the courses. 

    Eligible Singaporeans and Permanent Residents aged 50 years and above can enjoy subsidies under the National Silver Academy.