Introduction to Desktop

Be introduced to basic computer skills such as how to use a mouse and keyboard. Learn the fundamentals of using Windows Operating Systems (OS). Explore the internet using internet browsers like Internet Explorer (IE), Safari and Google Chrome.

Introduction to Mobile Device

Get the most out of your smart devices and discover essential functions on these devices that will enhance your user experience. Available for Android, Apple and Microsoft devices.

E-Communications (BDS)

E-Communication tools such as email, instant messaging applications and VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) calls have become the new norm for anyone to get in touch with friends and family. You can also discover interesting features on social media and stay connected.

Digital Transactions (BDS)

Government Digital Services (BDS)

Navigate around government digital services that can help ease your life and save you time. 

Cyber Security (BDS)

Learnhow to identify cyber threats and scams and how to safe guard yourself withsimplecyber securitypractices.  Protect your personal data from unwanted andundesirable content.


Digital Maker

Be part of a community of digital creators who are passionate in innovation and co-creation. Learn how to use block-based coding to build a useful smart digital project with an embedded chip and experience the fun of coding and making.

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