Are You Digitally-Ready?

Do you remember the time before the invention of mobile phones? How inconvenient it was to find a public phone when you needed to call someone! Think about the days before the Internet was available. Do you remember how difficult it was to find information using the encyclopaedia? 

With technology, we are empowered to do more, save time and enjoy greater convenience!



Why be digitally ready?

Today, we can do so much more with the mobile phones other than merely calling and doing simple web surfing. We can participate in social media, shop for great online deals or avoid queues by transacting online. 

By learning some basic digital skills, you will be digitally ready to benefit from the myriad of digital services on-the-go. You can learn how to easily get from one place to another, listen to songs that you grew up with, transfer money to your friend, sell things you don’t need and pay with your mobile phones at shops.

How about using digital social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook to connect with friends and family? Would you like to post a self-made video onto YouTube and share it with the world? With the many interesting digital applications available today, the possibilities are endless.



Do you think you are digitally-ready? Test yourself!

Perhaps you are already quite confident of your digital skills. Why not try some of these questions from our Basic Digital Skills Quiz to find out how digitally ready you are?

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