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BE READY TO SHINE when you join the fun and enriching 2-hour learning extravaganza. Trainers will introduce to you the basics of photo-editing, video-making, digital drawing and eBook publishing. With these digital skills, you will be on your way to create an online presence for yourself to share your interests and knowledge in today’s exciting digital world. Who knows? The next online celebrity could be you.

Each participant will get the following for FREE at the end of the session:

  1. A digital copy of a digitally-enhanced photo of yourself
  2. A digital copy of an eBook you created during the session
  3. A physical print out of the eBook you created during the session

What will you learn
Participants will sign up for one 2-hour session and be guided to move in small groups into different areas of the event venue to get hands-on experience in digital skills such as:
Photo Editing and Video Making: Master the art of enhancing your photos, or create short movie clips to tell your life stories in a refreshing way.

Digital Drawing: Draw your favourite places on an iPad and discover the digital artist in you!

Ebook Publishing: Write about what you love and learn the basics of publishing your very own short story!
Talks (Separate Registration Required)
You can also sign up for the following programmes on the same day:

  1. Making Stories with Mobile Photography
  2. Authoring A Story Digitally
  3. Travel and Create with the Movies App


To register, visit