A Smart Nation of the future, with a rich array of tech products and services, will require different skills. We will need people familiar with tech skills and who are also sensitive to how tech can be applied to improve living. Our children will also need to be more familiar with computational thinking as it becomes an increasingly essential part of our lives and careers.

The Code@SG movement will see coding and computational thinking taught from an early age to students such that it becomes Singapore's national capability. We are working with relevant stakeholders to introduce coding and computational thinking to more students in schools through a combination of infocomm clubs, competitions, and enrichment programmes. Enrichment programmes will allow our students to learn fundamental programming concepts in a fun and easy-to-learn manner.

We are also looking into revamping infocomm clubs in schools. We can do this by developing a platform to 'gamify' learning, and increase interest levels in computational thinking. With such changes, we aim to increase our engagement with students, and promote infocomm as a highly desirable career choice.