Potato Pirates

Hacking the Ways of Learning

05 April 2018

What if coding could be taken offline and be made fun, such as through a card game? Introducing Potato Pirates, the fun-filled coding card game by Aditya Batura and his team at Codomo.

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Stories of 3 cybersecurity professionals

An ITE graduate, a tech support guy, a career switcher: How 3 people joined cybersecurity

15 January 2018

From being robbed of in-game items to getting inspired by clueless colleagues, three cybersecurity specialists share why they took the road less travelled

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Never too old to be a Cyber Defender

05 May 2017

Retrenched at 54, Alvin Koh learned to be a white hat hacker from scratch and now gets paid to uncover security loopholes for his clients

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Code to Learn 1

Code to Learn, not Learn to Code

24 April 2017

John Tan, Founder of Saturday Kids, talks about how jobs of the future are shifting away from being traditional, and how coding plays a big part in it.

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Passionate about Scriptwriting: Karl's Story

17 April 2017

Read how Karl Gan, aspiring TV writer who wishes to make his mark in the media industry, begin his journey through the WritersLab programme.

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Adeline Foo

Passionate about Scriptwriting: Adeline's Story

17 April 2017

Read how Adeline Foo, aspiring TV writer and author of children’s book series, The Diary of Amos Lee, honed her skills as a TV scriptwriter through the WritersLab programme.

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Ms Sophia Wellington shared about classic genres and ways around them at a WritersLab event on 26 January. (Photo credit: LASALLE)

Reimagining Genres in Film

03 March 2017

Striving for originality by pushing traditional media genres to the extreme doesn’t always make the end-product better or more novel, says film industry veteran Sophia Wellington.Find out more on Ms Sophia Wellington's sharing at a WritersLab event on 26 January

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Making A Scene Scriptwriting Workshop

Making A Scene Scriptwriting Workshop

08 January 2017

Making a Scene was a 4-hour workshop initiated by IMDA’s Story Lab programme that introduced participants to the basic principles of script-writing. Facilitated by Ng Swee San and Derek Judge, the President and Secretary of the Screenwriters Association (Singapore) (SAS) respectively, participants benefited from their extensive script-writing experience in both local and international film and television projects.

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Yen Siow - Innovating STEM Learning for Kids

Innovating STEM Learning for Kids

01 December 2016

The IMDA Lab on Wheels team managed to grab hold of Yen Siow, the Founder of Discovering Without Borders – a non-profit association that works with underprivileged children to teach Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) – to talk about the STEM scene in Singapore and how coding is like a second language.

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Jaryl and Evelyn

Pursue Your Career Interest in Cyber Security

27 October 2016

As we approach the forefront of 21st century living with enhanced connectivity through technology, we can share and access data, media and information like no other time in history. With increased connectivity comes an increased risk of falling prey to cyber-crime.

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