Meet Nigel Poh, a 15 year old app developer

19 September 2015

Perseverance is one of many characteristics used to describe Nigel Poh, a student at Dunman High School. Nigel has been diligently working on developing an app that he hopes to launch into the Apple App Store this year. The app called TrackPal is designed for group convoys for all modes of transport such as bicycling, trekking and driving, to stay in contact while on the road with features such as "Push-To-Talk" that make it easier for the group to communicate. Besides this personal project, Nigel is also working on two other exciting apps for upcoming competitions. For the National Software Competition organised by Singapore Polytechnic, Nigel created a turn-by-turn pedestrian street navigation app called SmartNav to address Singapore's Smart Nation vision. the app features 2D and 3D navigation, as well as the world's first smart Augmented Reality (AR) navigation. The AR navigation makes the navigation process much more interesting and interactive. For the i.Code competition, Nigel created two different apps called Wave Play and Wave Jockey in support of SG50 celebrations. With both apps, it is possible to generate a Kallang wave at night, allowing for greater participation and togetherness between the organiser and participants.

Although Nigel loves coding and finds it very exciting, he also recognises that it can be difficult. Nigel believes that the key to success in learning how to code is patience.  There can be bugs in the system that can take a couple of hours or even days to solve but the trick is to not give up when one is faced with these seemingly "unsolvable" bugs. Nigel is testament to his own advice because within the span of the year, Nigel was able to triumphantly overcome many challenges in developing an app. Nigel encourages others to try out coding because coding knowledge can be applied to many professions such as "architecture (simulating construction of buildings) and medical care (simulating surgeries)". With resilience  and drive, Nigel fearlessly proves that anything can be possible. 

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