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27 October 2016

Jaryl and Evelyn

As we approach the forefront of 21st century living with enhanced connectivity through technology, we can share and access data, media and information like no other time in history. With increased connectivity comes an increased risk of falling prey to cyber-crime. According to the Global Risks 2015 report, published by the World Economic Forum (WEF), “90 percent of companies worldwide recognise they are insufficiently prepared to protect themselves against cyber-attacks.” So what’s being done? Well, the issue of cyber security has now been raised to the top of the international agenda, as high-profile breaches and other security failures could harm the global economy. 

Thankfully, it isn’t all doom and gloom. According to the Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) Annual Survey on Infocomm Manpower 2015, cyber security professionals are in high demand (Technical IT specialists in areas such as IT Development, Network & Infrastructure, Data Analytics, Infocomm R&D and Cyber Security accounted for 70% or 134,500 of the total infocomm manpower in demand in 2015.) Employers estimated demand to increase by another 5,700 for these job roles in the next three years, and to take advantage of this demand, some professionals are making timely mid-career switches, with fresh graduates also joining the industry. The Cyber Security Associates and Technologists (CSAT) Programme has been established to enlarge the pool of cyber security professionals. It is a joint initiative by the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore and Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) to enable ICT professionals to acquire practical cyber security skills through training hosted by industry partners which are employers of cyber security professionals. 

Jaryl from ST Electronics

Jaryl, who graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering, made the switch to Info-Security a year ago and he is now a cyber security specialist with ST Electronics (Info-Security). He recalled how the prevalence of cyber threats in modern society and the damage it causes motivated him to re-skill for the cyber security role. Being savvy about online security has benefits to life outside of work as well, as he points out how smart phones, computers, tablets and hard disks are devices everyone depends on for storing confidential data, internet banking, and online shopping etc. As cyber-attacks get more advanced and attackers get more creative, the importance of improving and staying up-to-date on the latest trends is paramount, he remarks. Jaryl’s work experience with ST Electronics (Info-Security) provided him with a unique opportunity to learn wide ranging practical applications of technological solutions to solve various cyber security challenges encountered by industry partners. Building on this foundation, he is now planning to deepen his cyber security knowledge to take on roles that will help him to achieve mastery skill levels, with support from his company. 


Evelyn discovered IT in school and it has opened “doors” for her to pursue a career in cyber security. With over 10 years under her belt in various roles including Network Administrator, Software Tester and Project Manager, Evelyn is now undergoing IMDA’s Company-led Training Programme in preparation for a specialist job role in cyber security. As a Telco Project Manager at Singtel since 2011, the IT veteran recalls how one of her modules in Mechanical Engineering at Ngee Ann Polytechnic sparked her interest in programming, and how it’s been an exciting journey which led to an interest in cyber security. It wasn’t difficult to re-skill for the cyber security specialist role as she has good foundations and working experiences in Information Technology. On-the-Job Training (OJT) hosted by her employer Singtel is essential for her to acquire practical skills. During her OJT, she will have opportunities to work on cyber security projects and attend customized training sessions to prepare her for the job. Most importantly, her employer will also assign industry practitioners as mentors to provide her with guidance as she works alongside them. 

If you’re thinking of pursing your career interest in cyber security, now’s the time. The Government recently announced it is investing S$120 million over the next three years in ICT Manpower Development Programmes including the new TechSkills Accelerator (TeSA) initiative to boost the infocomm skills of ICT professionals. Through TeSA’s company-led training initiative, the Cyber Security Associates & Technologist (CSAT) programme provide on-the-job training opportunities for individuals to be skilled for cyber security job roles. Major employers like Singtel and ST Electronics (Info-Security), Quann Singapore, Accel Systems & Technologies are company-led training partners under the CSAT programme. 

Some of these opportunities for fresh professionals include:

  • Infrastructure Security Engineer and Identity & Data Protection Engineer for Singtel 
  • Network Security Engineer and Threat Intelligence Analyst for ST Electronics  
  • Associate Consultant (Engineering) and Associate Consultant (Operations) for Accel Systems & Technologies 

For mid-level professionals, opportunities include:

  • IT Security Consultant and Security Analyst (SOC) for Singtel
  • Security Threat Engineer and Digital Forensic Investigator for ST Electronics 
  • Consultant (Engineering) and Consultant (Operations) for Accel Systems & Technologies include 
  • Cyber Forensics Investigator and Incident Management Analyst for Quann
Singapore ICT professionals who are keen to explore cyber security opportunities can send their resumes to these companies via the following emails: 

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