Meet Raniel, Founder of Jobook

01 June 2016


A focused and highly motivated individual who found his calling in IT, Raniel pursued and achieved his long-term goal of starting his own company, Jobook

When he was assigned his first web project back in secondary school, little did he know it would change his life's direction. It led to an interest in building websites, designing blogs to out-do his peers, and ultimately discovering his passion for IT, which was his focus when he moved on to Institute of Technical Education and Nanyang Polytechnic.

Graduating with a certificate in Information Technology and diploma in Business Informatics, the 24-year old founder and technopreneur recalls struggling school work and building websites for friends and family during his poly years. For his final year project, he decided not to work on the task assigned to him and instead convinced his school to let him work on an idea that would bring continuity and longevity. It was his pet project, a website for job-seekers and employers, now known as Jobook.

With over 100 partners to date, including Crocs Singapore, the online recruitment portal was designed to streamline the hiring process by helping jobseekers identify their career assets, boost personal branding then find them the best career fit. He first thought of the idea when he realised the need for such a service, and enjoyed solving problems throughout the creation process with his knowledge of algorithms and coding.

It wasn't all smooth sailing for Raniel though, as he faced many challenges to get where he is today, such as limited resources, funding, acquiring new users and managing his team.

Not having a university degree however wasn't a problem. As someone fluent in the language of business and IT, he chose to use his time to learn-on-the-go and market his product more aggressively. "School can only teach you to a certain extent, but if you start work, you are already adapting to the market and learning how things are functioning", he asserts.

To anyone looking to follow in his footsteps, he encourages an eagerness to keep up with market demands, take risks, and step outside the comfort zone, as that's where one learns the most. 

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