Tech Jobs and Training Support for Companies

Hire new employees or upskill existing employees to address manpower needs. 

Job Opportunities

TeSA Mid-Career Advance

For Singaporean new hires aged 40 and above

  • Up to 90% funding support for up to 24 months, including trainees' salary, training course fees and overseas attachments.


Company-Led Training Programme (CLT)

Customised training for deep tech roles for new and existing Singaporean employees

  • Funding support for trainees' salary, training course fees and overseas attachments.


Professional Conversion Programme (PCP)

For mid-career switchers

  • Up to 90% salary and course fee support.

Training Opportunities

Tech Immersion and Placement Programme (TIPP)

  • Be a training partner or hire industry-ready professionals who have undergone 3 - 4 months of immersive training for entry-level tech roles.

Short Tech and Digital Media Courses

Up to 90% course fee support for industry recognised short courses and certifications to enhance your employees' skill set.

Other Support Available

Enhanced Jobs Support Scheme

  • Extended till Aug 2020 with enhancements to specific sectors. 

Enhanced Hiring Incentives

  • Up to $12,000 per worker when companies hire a local worker who had gone through an eligible reskilling or training programme.

Funding support and eligibility criteria apply.

Email for details! Our Programme Managers will get in touch with you.