Mr Seh Wei Liea

Breathing life into stories with digital animation

“The desire to transcribe and replicate the breadth of emotions in storytelling into words or pictures is a powerful thing,” says Mr Seh. So inspired was he that he decided to pursue a Diploma in Digital Animation at Singapore Polytechnic, where he honed his skills in 3D animation.

The Convergence of Exploration and Inspiration

The Convergence of Exploration and Inspiration

Singapore Digital (SG:D) Scholarship recipients Cindy Zheng and Joel Neo find learning and discovery in every moment of their academic journeys, and look forward to a fulfilling career in the tech and media sector.

Equipping Singaporeans with the skills to build a better digital future

Equipping Singaporeans with the skills to build a better digital future

Find out how SG:D scholarship recipients Mr Ko Zheng Teng and Ms Sheline Sim as well as alumni Mr Dhany Osman benefitted, and continue to benefit, from the SG:D Scholarship and how they intend to contribute to the nation’s economy in a variety of tech or media roles.

Investing in the future talents of tech and media

Investing in the future talents of tech and media

From bringing life to blockbuster Hollywood films to engineering financial tech solutions, the SG:D Scholarship set a solid foundation for Ms Vicki Lau and Mr Ser Jin as they worked their way up in their respective fields. In this feature, find out what sparked their interests in tech and media, as well as how the SG:D Scholarship helped them build success locally and abroad.

IMDA Hariprasath

He is using his skills to harness the transformative power of technology

Being an SG:D Scholarship recipient enables Mr Hariprasath Mohan to be part of an extensive network of alumni and industry professionals.

Charmaine Ng

Physical to Digital: How a Stolen Wallet Led Her to the Fintech Industry

Charmaine Ng had planned for her end-of-year treat to be a leisurely trip in Europe. What she had not counted on was an encounter with a pickpocket. Losing her belongings was bad. Having her stolen credit card used to make fraudulent purchases was worse. Disputing those transactions was, in a word, difficult.

SGD Scholar Rachel Sng

Preparing for a Data Revolution

The modern world runs on data. A vast ocean of it exists, waiting to be tapped on. For businesses and individuals who are able to collect this data and use them to their advantage, the opportunities seem limitless. Just ask Rachel Sng, who has recently joined the National University of Singapore (NUS) Masters in Business Analytics (MSBA) programme, and been awarded the Singapore Digital (SG:D) Scholarship by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA).

Joshua Wong, SG:D Scholar

Keen to grow a career in tech? Stay curious and be open to learning new things!

If you take a look at the home screen of your smartphone, chances are most – if not all – of the apps installed leverage cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in one way or another. One start-up that is combining the powers of cloud and AI to deliver ready-made solutions for businesses is AI firm Hypotenuse, co-founded by Joshua Wong, a 2015 scholarship recipient of the National Infocomm Scholarship (precursor to the Singapore Digital (SG:D) Scholarship).

Singtel - Desmond

From Punching Numbers to Building Bots for Singtel at 54: An Auditor’s Adventure Into Automation

When Desmond first started his career as an auditor 20 years ago, the words 'Python' and 'Tableau' were utterly unfamiliar to him. Today, at 54, he builds bots that automate critical business processes at leading Singapore telco Singtel.

IMPACT 3 - Header

The real (and reel) lives of SG:D scholars

While a profession in Singapore’s burgeoning film industry is still fairly niche, two individuals have gone against the grain to pursue the road less travelled.

IMPACT 2 Header

Setting the Tone for Success

If you’ve ever teared up as the music swells to a crescendo during a particularly moving scene, then you know that a good score can tug at your emotions like no other. Who could forget the iconic Imperial March from Star Wars or even Kina Grannis’ soulful rendition of “Can’t Help Falling In Love” in Crazy Rich Asians?


Scholars shaping Singapore’s digital future

Open your smartphone’s app store and you’ll see a veritable wonderland of apps for just about any purpose. Ride hailing? Check. Food delivery? Check. Exercise? Check. As various aspects of our daily lives increasingly go digital, it’s clear that more and more people are needed to support our society’s digital transformation.