Delon Sandhu, Senior Vice President at UOB’s Group Technology and Operations (GTO)

The growing need for storytellers and creatives in banking

Learn how UOB uses emotive stories to drive customer engagement and connect with its customers

Nadia Natasha, a Studio Production Manager behind her work desk

The Mosart Whiz Of The News Studio

Find out what take place behind the news studio and what it takes for one to join the industry.

Eugene Chua at work

How Applied Statistician Eugene Chua Gets With the Program(ming)

Want to stay in demand as a data scientist? School is never out, learn how Eugene has benefited from SkillsFuture Study Award (ICT) to defray a portion of out-of-pocket expenses for his Data Science course fees at General Assembly.

James Hia at work

Thriving on and off-screen, with James Hia

The key move in upgrading, James explains, is to find the courses that fill the gaps in your skillsets. Find out how James has benefited from SkillsFuture Study Award to lower the cost of studying

Providing Guidance

Top 10 in-demand Technology

Curious to transform your business and workplace with the latest technology tools? Start by learning about the in-demand technology that can benefit your company and workers.

Cybersecurity jobs in Singapore

How to train a cybersecurity defender

Cybercrime on the rise and the IT Security Industry is set to become BIGGER

Cybersecurity jobs in Singapore

Cybersecurity jobs in Singapore: Facts you should know (Infographic)

Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative means that there is an increasing need for cybersecurity analysts. Here’s a peek at Singapore’s cybersecurity outlook.

Arif at work photo

Daring to chop and change

Taking a leap into the unknown is never say with a little help, Arif Rahman went from the field of hairstyling hair to computer programming

Potato Pirates

Hacking the Ways of Learning

What if coding could be taken offline and be made fun, such as through a card game? Introducing Potato Pirates, the fun-filled coding card game by Aditya Batura and his team at Codomo.

Human Capital Partnership

Human Capital Conversation

Follow the latest news and comprehensive coverage on blueprint at Channel NewsAsia

Scriptwriting Interview with Adeline Foo

Passionate about Scriptwriting

A year ago, Adeline would never have dreamt of successfully applying for capability development and enhancement programmes such as WritersLab, and being paid to upskill

Writers lab participant karl

Passionate about Scriptwriting: Karl's Story

Karl Gan is an aspiring TV writer who wishes to make his mark in the media industry. Though less experienced, he’s brimming with fresh ideas sharpened through WritersLab