Yen Siow - Innovating STEM Learning for Kids

Innovating STEM Learning for Kids

The IMDA Lab on Wheels team managed to grab hold of Yen Siow, the Founder of Discovering Without Borders – a non-profit association that works with underprivileged children to teach Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) – to talk about the STEM scene in Singapore and how coding is like a second language.

Stories of 3 cybersecurity professionals

An ITE graduate, a tech support guy, a career switcher: How 3 people joined cybersecurity

From being robbed of in-game items to getting inspired by clueless colleagues, three cybersecurity specialists share why they took the road less travelled


Never too old to be a Cyber Defender

Retrenched at 54, Alvin Koh learned to be a white hat hacker from scratch and now gets paid to uncover security loopholes for his clients

Ms Sophia Wellington shared about classic genres and ways around them at a WritersLab event on 26 January. (Photo credit: LASALLE)

Reimagining Genres in Film

Striving for originality by pushing traditional media genres to the extreme doesn’t always make the end-product better or more novel, says film industry veteran Sophia Wellington.Find out more on Ms Sophia Wellington's sharing at a WritersLab event on 26 January

Making A Scene Scriptwriting Workshop

Making A Scene Scriptwriting Workshop

Making a Scene was a 4-hour workshop initiated by IMDA’s Story Lab programme that introduced participants to the basic principles of script-writing. Facilitated by Ng Swee San and Derek Judge, the President and Secretary of the Screenwriters Association (Singapore) (SAS) respectively, participants benefited from their extensive script-writing experience in both local and international film and television projects.