Infocomm Media Inspires Success

From the age of 6 and above, these bright young programmers are pushing the boundaries when it comes to creativity and problem solving. They have designed mobile apps, competed in robotics competitions, fought in hackathons, and even started their own businesses. What started out as a simple hobby quickly turned into a passion; an exciting passion for technology and all that can be achieved with it. These future tech leaders will inspire you think about how our society can embrace technology and what it means for our future.  They may even convince you to try out coding for yourself!

A skill in Infocomm Media (ICM) is a career in any industy, we have successful ICM professionals impacting the world from leading Fortune 500 companies to founding innovative start-ups. One thing these successful ICM professionals all have in common; they spotted an opportunity and realized that they wanted to work in an industry where change is constant. With leadership roles in various endeavors, they demonstrate that good leadership starts with passion. Hear their stories and join the many people in Infocomm Media who make the Impossible Possible.