TeSA pilot immersive


To encourage employers to leverage mid-career PMET jobseekers as a viable talent pool, IMDA is expanding TeSA initiative to support mid-career ICT PMET jobseekers, especially aged 40 and above, who are seeking opportunities to gain experience and adapt in a dynamic tech environment with high-growth tech companies.

IMDA is partnering high-growth tech companies which are fast-paced, dynamic and have a self-directed working environment, to provide an immersive experience for the individuals. Mid-career PMETs will be on 3-6 months attachment to company, having the opportunities to immerse and adapt to the fast-paced and dynamic work environments. The experience gained will allow the mid-career PMETs to enhance their portfolios, which will in turn, lead to improved employability across various sectors. Participating tech companies can also benefit from the diverse experience brought by these mid-career PMETs.

The participating tech companies include:
  • EverComm
  • PropertyGuru
  • Sea
  • Shopee
  • Taiger
  • Trakomatic
  • Zalora
Individuals can apply here


  • Singapore Citizens / Permanent Residents, aged 40 and above
  • Company’s skillset requirement (varies across project roles)
  • Individuals must be keen to work in a fast-paced, dynamic work environment with younger colleagues
  • Self-directed in learning on the job

Training Allowance

From $4,000 per month


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