Elevate your digital confidence by attending the filmmaking sessions conducted by internationally recognised British Film Institute (BFI), UK’s leading organisation for film and television!

Targeted at professionals working in the field of marketing, brand and communications, the BFI Digital Masterclass will lay out the A to Z of filmmaking essentials from kit requirements, camera movement, editing process and understanding music rights. Participants will be equipped with the necessary vocabulary and skill sets to create content for business social media accounts or long-form promotional materials.

Programme will be conducted online via zoom, there will be two different masterclasses which comprises of:

2-Day Fundamentals:

  • Class A: Monday & Tuesday, 26 - 27 Oct, 10am - 5:30pm
  • Class B: Wednesday & Thursday, 28 - 29 Oct, 10am - 5:30pm
  • Class C: Friday & Saturday, 30 - 31 Oct, 10am - 5:30pm

3-Day Advanced:

  • Monday to Wednesday, 2 - 4 Nov, 10am - 5:30pm

Upon completion of the BFI Digital Masterclass Programme, participants will receive a Certificate of Training from BFI. 

Who is it for

  • 2-Day Fundamentals: For beginners who are keen to learn more about about content production for marketing purposes
  • 3-Day Advanced: For participants who have completed the 2-Day Fundamentals or professionals with some experience in content production for marketing purposes

Learning outcomes

2-Day Fundamentals:

  • Learn about pre-production, shooting and post-production
  • Gain knowledge on audience engagement and platform considerations
  • Understand the role of moving images in today’s marketing environment

3-Day Advanced:

  • Make a high-quality short film for social media
  • Gain in-depth experience of video making process
  • Build confidence in producing a video for integrated marketing campaigns

Eligibility criteria

  • Participants must be Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents.
  • Participants must have access to the following tools before the programme commences:
    • A Laptop or desktop computer with Zoom, installed with either iMovie, or DaVinci Resolve 16, or Adobe Premiere Pro for editing.
    • An iPhone or alternative camera phone or tablet for filming.


For enquiries

For more information, you can refer to BFI Digital Masterclass FAQ (608.54KB) or contact us at storylab@imda.gov.sg. Follow us on Facebook @ IM Talent SG to stay connected and for latest updates.

Application closes at 6pm, 11 Oct 2020. 

Shortlisted participants will be informed between 15 and 19 October 2020.

2-Day Fundamentals: Course Outline and Schedule

Day One

  • Introductions, Role and Importance of Video in Marketing, Content Strategy Part One, Introduction to filmmaking; Including Pre Production, Mobile filmmaking, and Video Editing.

Day Two

  • Content strategy Part Two, Three Point Lighting, Marketing Video Exercise, Introduction to Professional Editing Programme Adobe Premiere Pro.

3-Day Advanced: Course Outline and Schedule

Day One

  • An intensive and comprehensive day focused on professional post production skills, with mobile filmmaking and video editing.

Day Two

  • An introduction to high end marketing strategies, an introduction to high end film making equipment and mobile filmmaking and editing.

Day Three

  • Introduction to professional lighting equipment and techniques and mobile filmmaking and editing