What is it

SkillsFuture Work-Study Programmes provide opportunities for Singaporeans to pursue a work-study pathway from the Diploma to Post-Graduate and Degree levels offered by the Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) and private providers appointed by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), as well as the industry. Programmes include: 

  • Work-Study Diploma
  • Work-Study Post Diploma
  • Work-Study Degree
  • Work-Study Post-graduate
  • Work-Study Certificate

Who is it for

Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents who are within three years of:

  1. Graduation from respective education level
  2. Operationally Ready Date for full-time National Servicemen (NSFs)


Get a head-start in careers related to discipline of study and more opportunities to build on the skills and knowledge acquired in school through a work-study arrangement.

For enquiries

For further enquiries about the programme, please submit a feedback HERE.

For Employers

Recruit relevant local talent who have acquired knowledge in your field of work industry.

The SkillsFuture Work-Study Programmes is a 12 to 18 month work-learn programme that connects employers with fresh graduates* from Diploma to Post-Graduate and Degree levels offered by the IHLs and private providers appointed by SSG, as well as the industry.

Participants will undergo the following with your company:

  • Structured on-the-job training
  • Structured career development pathways
  • Mentorship and guidance

*Within three years of graduation or Operationally Ready Date for National Servicemen.



Customised programme to equip new hires and existing staff with skills that are relevant to the business needs of your company.

Up to $15,000 grant per individual placed in the SkillsFuture Work-Study Programmes to defray the costs of developing and providing on-the-job training (currently applicable only for Work-Study Diploma; Work-Study Post Diploma; and Work-Study Certificate).


Companies, societies and non-profit organisations that are registered or incorporated in Singapore.