Integrated Health Information Systems (IHiS)

Integrated Health Information Systems

Integrated Health Information Systems (IHiS) is the technology agency for the public healthcare sector. A multi-award-winning healthcare IT leader, IHiS digitises, connects, and analyses Singapore's health ecosystem. Its ultimate aim is to improve the Singapore population's health and health administration by integrating intelligent, highly resilient, and cost effective technologies with process and people.

Transforming healthcare through smart technology, IHiS has garnered more than 80 awards for its innovations. Today, IHiS supports the operations of 46 public healthcare institutions including acute hospitals, specialty centres, and polyclinics, as well as over 1,400 partners such as community hospitals, nursing homes, general practitioner clinics and voluntary welfare organisations. It supports more than 60,000 healthcare users in Singapore’s health ecosystem through the application of clinical informatics, computer science, data science, mechatronics, standards based IT that enables information exchange and cross boundary workflows, analysis, statistical and machine learning techniques to discover insights.

Job Roles

TECH-LITE: Job roles may be suitable for applicants without ICT background or experience.
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Information is updated as of 1 October 2020