Tunity Technologies Pte Ltd


Tunity Technologies Pte Ltd is a Singapore Internet-of-Identities specialist founded in 2003 by two technopreneurs – Ms. Lim Peck Hui and Mr. Chung Say Kin – who own 4 RFID technology patents between them.

Tunity’s Vision is to Give Every Object Its Own Identity

The team in Tunity is committed to:

  • Develop high-performance RFID and wireless connectivity solutions and products
  • Analyse trends in RFID, IoI, IoT and wireless connectivity to anticipate clients’ needs
  • Attract, inspire, and grow people and partners who are passionate about what Tunity does

The name Tunity came from a contraction of the phrase “Tuning In Unity”. This name is chosen because for every RFID solution to work properly, all the components in the system must be tuned in such a way that they operate as one unit. And that describes perfectly what Tunity Technologies is all about.

The team in Tunity has deployed over 200 RFID projects in the last 3 years for SMEs, MNCs, government ministries and statutory boards; implemented over 20 million RFID tags and installed over 15,000 RFID readers.

Job Roles

: Job roles may be suitable for applicants without ICT background or experience.

*Only shortlisted applicants will be notified by the company directly.


For enquiries about the programme, please email: info@imda.gov.sg.

For further enquiries about the job roles, please contact: peckhui@tunitytech.com.

Learn more about TeSA Mid-Career Advance HERE.

Information is updated as of 7 July 2020.