What is it

David Puttnam’s ProducersLab in Creative Producing and Financing (ProducersLab) is designed to prepare the next generation of Singapore media professionals with practical, real-world skills to enable them to identify and initiate commercially viable production ideas and develop scripts and compelling pitches to present to potential investors.

The 9-week programme seeks to nurture producers with the ability to work on scripts for episodic content across TV, online, and streaming platforms. It will equip producers not only with ideas and creative vision, but also with strong business acumen, financing and fundraising skills.

Who is it for

  • Singapore Citizen/Permanent Resident
  • Media Professionals / Media Freelancers with at least 3 years of relevant industry experience.


Participants of the programme will be able to
  1. Be deployed as producers, whose skills include being able to identify, develop and produce media content, and run a production.
  2. Be able to create top-quality, international level content pitches, consistent with the high standards required by broadcasters and their streaming, cable, and online companies, as well as traditional TV studios. This blend of business and creative skills, unique to ProducersLab, is essential to becoming a professional showrunner, which will be the ultimate goal of the participants in the long term

For enquiries

For more information, please write in to ProducersLab@lasalle.edu.sg or follow us on Facebook @ IM Talent SG to stay connected and for latest updates.

Program Structure and Modules

Participants must come to David Puttnam’s ProducersLab with an idea they are passionate about and wish to produce. Participants will explore a range of issues and learn specific producing skills and techniques across 108 teaching hours, running a total of 6 hours a week, with two 3-hour classes per week.

The programme delivery includes:

  • A structured series of lectures including exercises, role-plays, and simulations, led by an experienced International Expert with extensive experience as an industry professional as well as teaching
  • Master classes delivered by successful local practitioners, who will each bring specific areas of expertise, including financing, budgeting, and producing large-scape productions
  • Mentorship with Academy Award winning British producer and educator, Lord David Puttnam, who will conduct lectures as well as one-to-one sessions with participants

Application Process

All applicants will need to submit the following:

  • An application form
  • CV that shows a minimum of 3 years of relevant industry experience
  • A short essay of not more than 250 words outlining their reasons for wanting to attend the programme and future career plans for becoming a producer
  • A project proposal that they want to further develop
There will be a rigorous selection process by an appointed panel of industry experts and LASALLE and IMDA representatives. Up to 12 participants will be chosen for ProducersLab.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligible applicants who fulfil the following criteria may apply:

  1. Singapore Citizen/Permanent Resident
  2. Media Professionals/Media Freelancers with at least 3 years of relevant industry experience.

About Story Lab

David Puttnam’s ProducersLab is part of IMDA’s Story Lab initiative which aims to nurture storytelling and intellectual property (IP) creation skills. It supports the development of original story concepts for compelling content across various media platforms, genres and languages. Story Lab programmes are targeted at media professionals in both media and non-media sectors, and grooming the talent pipeline in Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs).

One of the key Story Lab programmes is WritersLab, organised by LASALLE College of the Arts (LASALLE) since 2017. WritersLab is an intensive scriptwriting programme which aims to push the boundaries of scriptwriting and storytelling for television and online platforms. Other Story Lab programmes include the inaugural Pitch Fest organised by Screenwriters Association (Singapore), as well as Visual Storytelling Masterclass with acclaimed documentary cinematographer Iris Ng, in partnership with the Singapore Association of Motion Picture Professionals (SAMPP).