IMDA and SkillsFuture Singapore will jointly develop a Skills Framework for Media (SFw for Media) to provide a common and forward looking reference of skills and competencies for identified media jobs, including a guide on career progression based on skills mastery and deepening. 

The framework will include information on the industry, job roles, career pathways, as well as both generic and technical skills and competencies required. The SFw for Media will be a comprehensive documentation and analysis of skills standards in the local media industry context that takes into account new skills in demand and converged Infocomm Media markets. It will be made available to all stakeholders of the media sector (employers, individuals, schools, training providers, government, unions and professional bodies). 

Employers will be able to design progressive HR management and talent development plans based on the detailed skills information in the framework. 

Training providers can use the skills framework to gain insights into the industry trends and skills in-demand, which allow them to innovate and contextualise their curricula design and training programmes to suit the needs of the industry. 

The public and our Singapore media professionals can make informed decisions on education and training, career development and skills upgrading based on the industry, skills and training information in the framework. At the same time, they would have realistic expectations and be well aware of the career prospects and opportunities in the media sector. 

Development of SFw for Media will kick-start in mid-2017 and industry feedback will be sought later in the year.