Applications are now open till 31 March 2019


Presented by the President of the Republic of Singapore, the SkillsFuture Fellowships honour individuals as masters of skills and mentors of future talent, with a monetary award of $10,000 to support their continued journey towards skills mastery.

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Each recipient will receive a monetary award of $10,000 to continue their pursuit of skills mastery.

For Enquiries

For further enquiries, please contact Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF), the appointed Programme Manager for SkillsFuture Fellowships, at
Employment and Employability Institute
National Trades Union Congress
Singapore business Federation
SkillsFuture Singapore
Workforce Singapore
Singapore National Employers Federation 

Eligibility Criteria

The SkillsFuture Fellowships are open to all Singapore Citizens with at least 10 years of working experience in the same (or related) industry or job function.


Applicants must provide a Letter of Recommendation using the specified template, which should be signed off by a referee whom has known the applicant for at least one (1) year.
  • For employed individuals, the referee should be your current/past employer
  • For self-employed individuals, the referee should be someone whom you know from work (e.g. business associate)
Applications must be submitted via the SkillsFuture Fellowships application portal:

Award Ceremony

As the Patron of the SkillsFuture Fellowships, the President of the Republic of Singapore will honour the recipients at an award ceremony, recognising them as SkillsFuture Fellows – masters of their domains and shapers of Singapore’s future.

Judging Process

All applications will be evaluated by a panel of judges comprising representatives from the industry, unions, and the government.

The judging criteria are as follows:

  • Deep skills in relevant areas of their professional and technical expertise,br/>(e.g. carrying out or has carried out job responsibilities requiring high level of professional and/or technical expertise, demonstrates sustained career and/or skills progression in the course of your career, achieved industry or employer recognition of your expertise in the field)
  • A strong personal commitment to lifelong learning and mastery of domain, with plans to continue their pursuit of skills mastery
    (e.g. has developed a well-defined plan to pursue further training in relevant skills areas, continually deepens skills or acquires new skills and knowledge to add value to your career development)
  • Significant contribution to the skills development of others as an active advocate for lifelong learning
    (e.g. has a well-defined plan to further the SkillsFuture movement by contributing towards the skills development of others, participates actively in industry associations, government-related tripartite committees, or champions industry initiatives to support the skills development of others)