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Adeline Foo
Adeline Foo
The Diary of Amos Lee
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Foo is a MFA graduate of New York University's Tisch Asia School of the Arts. She has 28 published books to-date. Her bestselling work is The Diary of Amos Lee which is Singapore’s best-selling and most adapted children’s series. The books have crossed over to games, and TV, for both OKTO, a children’s series, and an upcoming Channel 8 adaptation.

A scriptwriter and an adjunct polytechnic lecturer, Adeline is currently working on her first full length fiction novel for adults. Her original pitch that got greenlit out of the inaugural WritersLab in 2017 titled The Last Madame is slated for telecast on Toggle in September 2019.

Title of Script: The Last Madame
Logline: An inherited shophouse in Chinatown reveals dark secrets from a sordid past that may derail Chi Ling's, a banker's, new life.
Karl Gan
Karl Gan
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As a kid, Karl’s parents placed him in front of the TV in lieu of putting him at a day-care centre (the show: Days of Our Lives), which sparked a passion for screenwriting.

He started writing plays in high school and was runner-up at the Singapore Young Dramatist Award 2007. He graduated college with a degree in business, and began his entertainment career with stints at WME|IMG as well as Heart Media, a publisher of luxury magazines. These stints gave him a deeper understanding of showbusiness.

In the meantime, Karl continued writing specs and plays. In December 2016, he submitted a spec for the pilot run of WritersLab, and was accepted into the program. At 25, he was the youngest in the group. With the guidance of Emmy-nominated Shari Goodhartz (Star Trek,Young Hercules), Karl developed a drama set in the world of tech startups. Since then, Karl has embarked on his full-time screenwriting career. He is currently scriptwriter for video games company, Ubisoft.

Title of Script: Venturing
Logline: Three millennials start an app that allows people to vent their interpersonal complaints seemingly without consequences, much to the detriment of the app’s creators.
Francis Lau
Francis Lau
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Francis has worked extensively on different forms of media, including commercials, brand stories, broadcast programmes, and dramatic films. His work has traveled to festivals in different parts of the world and won critical awards. The Postman, a multiple award-winning short film, has the rare honour of having its world premiere in Romania, and has since competed in two of the oldest and most important festivals there: the 28th DaKINO International Film Festival (where it was nominated for Best Film and Director) and the 14th Bucharest International Film Festival (nominated for Best Film), of which the Prince of Romania is a patron. The film was also part of the celebrations for the Romanian Centennial in 2018. In Asia, The Postman garnered a Silver Award at the 19th DigiCon6 ASIA.

As a filmmaker, Francis hopes to explore the human condition with a poetics that is identifiably Asian yet universal in its narrative sensibilities. He views such endeavour as an artistic extension of his first love - the written word. As a writer, Francis has presented his work at international literary festivals, notably ASEAN Universities Arts Festival and ASEAN Writers’ Conference. He is an alumnus of the prestigious TorinoFilmLab in Turin, where he worked with some of the world's leading story consultants and screenwriters to develop the screenplay for Postman the feature film, a work still in progress.

Francis has an Honours degree in English Literature, and professional qualifications in education (PDGE - Merit, Gifted)

Title of Script: Cafe Lumiere
Logline: A college sophomore with a toxic boyfriend overcomes issues of trust and commitment via her friendship with a selfless café owner/musician who’s mourning the loss of his beloved fiancée.
Lim Jen Nee
Lim Jen Nee
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With more than 10 years of experience in the media industry, Jen has shepherded countless projects as Producer/Writer, competently juggling numbers and drama. She also had stints in script development in Los Angeles, and film acquisition, marketing and distribution experiences in Singapore.

Under her stewardship, featured film “Truth Be Told” won Best Original Film at the Asian Film Festival of Rome 2007 while narrative web series People Like Us won Best Short TV Drama at the 2016 Independent Television & Film Festival, Best Web/TV Drama at the 2017 Formosa Festival of International Filmmaker Awards, and Best Supporting Actor at the 2017 Indie Series Awards. Jen is currently producing the second season of People Like Us as well as developing a slate of projects including feature films Feast (Torino Film Lab Extended – Singapore 2018) and psychological thriller Follower (NAFF It Project 2016 in BiFAN). In addition to creative works, Jen has written and produced works for corporate clients such as British Petroleum and DBS Bank. She holds a BFA in Creative Producing from Chapman University Singapore, a BA in Multimedia Design from Curtin University of Technology and a Diploma in Film, Sound and Video from Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Title of Script: Paradise Prison
Logline: Inspired by a real-life rehabilitation experiment, hard-core criminals and their wardens successfully institute a revolutionary prison on an isolated island, which eventually takes a tragic turn.
Mickey Lin
S. Mickey Lin
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Mickey is a graduate of the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts. Prior to moving to Singapore, he acquired films for international distribution and attended various film markets as a buyer agent for different distributors. His short story collection Uncanny Valley was published by Marshall Cavendish in 2016. In 2017, he created the series Senior Management (launched on 11 Jan 18) which Sitting in Pictures produced for Toggle SG. On occasion, he answers questions on Quora, where his answers have garnered over 2 million views. He's currently working on other writing projects at the moment.

Title of Script: Senior Management
Logline: Seeking meaning, a retired taxi driver embarks on a new career in transportation logistics, but finds he must pretend to be unrelated to his grandson, who’s also his new boss.
Wang Chu Qiao
Wang Chu Qiao
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A writer & researcher, Chu Qiao has worked across a spectrum of media platforms including film, television, exhibition, print and web. Her directorial & screenwriting debut short film, 28 Days Later, was selected for competition at the 9thWFFIS, Korea (07). Her feature screen-writing credits included The Leap Years (08), a top grossing local film. Her telemovies Sunrise & Sunshine, art docu-drama The Worlds of Georgette Chen and kids animation series, Counting with Paula, have all been nominated in various categories at the Asian TV Awards 2015.Her research and writing for Channel NewsAsia TV documentaries included The Worlds of Georgette Chen (2015), ‘Silver City: Future of Ageing’ (2017), ‘Blueprint of Survival – NEWater’(2018) and ‘Champions for Change’ (2019). In 2018, she made her foray onto Toggle OTT media as a scriptwriter for the Toggle Originals sitcom ‘Senior Management’.

Chu Qiao was appointed to serve on MDA Arts Consultative Panel (censorship & ratings) from 2003 to 2010. In 2010, she was a NAC Arts Creation Fund recipient for a dance film installation work, URNOTME which won the Special Mention award at A Corto di Donne Festival, 2013. Primal Fear, her next dance film collaboration was commissioned for the 2012 Singapore Arts Festival and screened at the Loikka Dance Film Festival (Finland) and Oklahoma Dance Film Festival (USA) in 2013. Her first children picture book, Purple, won the NBDCS bilingual picture book contest and was launched at the Asian Festival of Children's Content in 2013. Purple along with Lion's Tooth, her 2nd children picture book, won the 2nd Prizes at the 2015 Samsung Kids Time Author Awards for ASEAN countries and are re-purposed as interactive books on Samsung mobile platforms across 10 territories. She is currently working on an animation feature script about the friendship of a panda and a girl.

Title of Script: Piss(ed)
Logline: A mousy teacher with an active fantasy life is forced to change jobs. At home, her mother’s growing dementia complicates the aftermath of being left at the altar by a runaway fiancé.
Wong Oi Shan
Wong Oi Shan
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Oi Shan is a freelance writer with a penchant for the funny, the horrible and the strange. She’s the creator and writer of the Toggle series "No Catalogue" (launched on 16 August 18), which was released on a farcical comedy about four overopinionated people struggling to keep a tiny, second-hand bookstore afloat.

She’s also the writer and director of the short film, Honeymoon, winner of Best Cinematography at the 2013 Thailand Film Destination Festival. Hailing from the commercial side of the video production business, Oi Shan has worked with a range of organizations – from local government agencies to international MNCs.

Beyond filmmaking, you can find Oi Shan’s short stories in places like QLRS (Quarterly Literary Review of Singapore) and Neon, one of UK’s longest-running independent literary magazines.

When she’s not sharpening her pen, Oi Shan enjoys having a coffee and laughing at expensive art.

Title of Script: No Catalogue
Logline: Two young people rotting in existential limbo find jobs as shops assistants in a struggling, second-hand bookstore.