National Infocomm Scholarship


National Infocomm Scholarship application is open and will close on 1 April 2018

With infocomm, the future is a mere touch away and with the National Infocomm Scholarship (NIS), your dream of shaping and leading it becomes possible.

If you seek a scholarship that offers you greater choice, scope and flexibility during your course of study, NIS is the one for you.

NIS Pathways

With 2 NIS pathways to choose from, each brimming with possibilities, you can carve a unique and exciting route to becoming an infocomm leader.
- NIS-IndustryGives scholars the prestige of a government scholarship and valuable exposure to private sector work.
Have the freedom to chart your career according to you aspirations and skills in the tech industry
- NIS-CSAJointly offered by CSA and IMDA, scholars on this pathway can have the opportunity for exposure to a diverse range of cybersecurity work in the public service (CSA) and to specialise in various areas

For more information on the different NIS Pathway, please download the NIS Pathways Guide PDF.

Programme Support

NIS offers extensive programme support during your course of study:
  • Tuition and other compulsory university fees
  • Annual living allowance one-time computer allowance
  • Hostel fees
  • One-time settling-in, attachment allowances and return airfare for overseas attachment
  • Warm clothing allowance 
  • Medical insurance and visa fees, etc.

Service Commitment

NIS offers one of the shorter bond periods which gives you the freedom to seek fresh challenges and maximise your potential. Bond periods are as follows:
  • 5 years for Full Overseas Scholarship;
  • 3 years for Full Local Scholarship;
  • 4 years for the Fast Track Bachelors-Masters Scholarship; or
  • 1 - 4 years for Mid-Term Local/Overseas Scholarship (dependent on the duration of sponsorship).
Please refer to the specific bond details according to the different NIS-pathways from NIS Pathways Guide PDF.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must:
  • Be a Singapore citizen
  • Have a good Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) record
  • Possess a strong interest in a career in the infocomm industry
  • Commence university studies within 1 year of award (i.e. commence studies latest by AY19 for 2018 awardees)
  • For Full Scholarship -  "A" Level or Polytechnic diploma holders
  • For Mid-Term Local/Overseas Scholarship - existing undergraduate pursuing an infocomm-related degree at a local/overseas university

Application Procedure and More Information

Applications are open and will close on 1 April 2018. Interested applicants can apply through the respective links below according to the NIS Pathways.
Kindly submit the following with your application:
  1. O Level or equivalent results
  2. A Level/IB/IP/Diploma transcript and results
  3. For Mid-term scholarship applicants: Latest undergraduate transcript
  4. CCA records (including secondary school, JC/Poly, university records where applicable)
Kindly note that there are 2 different application forms according to the 2 NIS Pathways. Should an applicant be interested to apply for both pathways, kindly ensure completion of both corresponding application forms.

For Enquiries

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